Single Frame Stories ‘Almost’

Single Frame Stories almost lost my head

Almost lost myself, forgotten my way
Grabbed my head, pleaded to stay
Gently stroking because its mine
Hoping forever it will entwine

Almost losing the sense of reality
On the edge of surrealistic insanity
Lost in my will and in my soul
Can’t think straight I lose control



Making a picture isn’t just a snap !

In making a composition there is a lot of work involved. For the Single Frame Stories we get a prompt each week, my brain starts thinking how to visualize it.
This process may take some time or sometimes I just get it in a second, it depends on the word and the mood I’m in. Or when reading a quote (love them) I see already a pictures in my head. Now it is time to set up the scene with attributes such as my avatar, accessories, clothing, textures and an animation. But before the real picture can be taken there are a lot of programs used ! I know you can go and buy the accessories you need in Virtual Worlds but I love to make them myself and learning to use the programs:-)

-Blender to make the attribute
-QAvimator for the animation
-A Virtual World to take a basic picture
-Photoshop to complete with brushes etc…
– searching for the appropriate words

This was used for the prompt ‘Edge’
Making a picture isn t just a snap

                                              As you can see its not all done in one snap :-)

Single Frame Stories ‘Edge’


On the edge of the edge of the edge
There is nowhere to go-
Home is lost,
And all the distances have broken down-
One cannot move
One can only fear-

On the edge of the edge of the edge
Falling is fear-
And holding one’s ground
One step at a time
Is a small miracle
One is not sure
One can make alone.

On the edge of the edge of the edge-

Shalom Freedman

Civility is like air

Civility is like air

Civility is like air in a bicycle tire.
Both are free and you feel the
importance only when they are missing

Why I made this composition ?  I was in SL again after a few years of absence , driven by the curiosity to work with shadows for my pictures. What struck me was the lack of civilization of the place. The SIMs for the friebies recommended on the site and where newcomers are send to, looks and feels like a nutplace ! People screaming around, saying weird things in chat and some other actions done to get afraid of ! When I came for the first time to SL many years ago I had the same feeling, after a TP I stood behind another avatar like waiting in line at a supermarket… the lady in front of me said , well honey you keep off my ar** or I’ll smash you ! Today its still the same nuthouse even worse :-)

Identity crisis

I mentioned this before but it is bothering me for a long time, about my virtual name Mira Karu.
As I did some research, this is a real name and must belong to someone, wich is not a comfortable feeling. Now adays internet is used by many and a surfboard to make you stand out in the crowd (in some way). Twitter, Facebook and many more sites are the witnesses of our do’s and dont’s. To be honest I don’t feel the urge to tell everyone what I’m doing today or if I slept well last night ! On top of that, you get those messages in your mailbox when posted and not turned off, besides I don’t give a damn about the news ! I prefere serious things and keeping a low profile …but… that does not mean I’m not active at some degree, mostly for some pictures or clothes I make.
When I was exploring those Worlds besides Second Life, I just picked a name to visite quickly without verifying if that name already existed in Second Life ! So when I  came to Inworldz I took the same name I had just picked out and kept the name Mira Karu.
It was afterwoods I discovered I couldn’t take the same name in Second Life because it was already taken.
I like consistancy and not changing like a rooster on a church tower.
Well you can say what’s in a name… true…but I have build already a reputation with that name in Inworldz. I do not know the reputation of the other Mira Karu in SL…and don’t want to be responsible for other actions on the net with the same name in RL or VW,  and not done by me.
Last week I got an IM saying they liked my clothes IW and in SL… ??? huh ??? I left SL years ago !
Aparently there is a good designer in SL using the same last name ! (twice)

 Whiskey Monday or Whiskey Day or the blog Whiskey Shots (names are unique) she started to blog long time ago about ‘ Single Frame Stories‘,  earlier she did something similar with words  asking to write a story and we Inworldzians tried to do our best hm.. not with a good result, its not my thing lol

Taking pictures and making a single frame story is a challenge, I love to let my imagination flow, but Whiskey’s work is so unique and stands out ! I admire her pictures, she is a real artist. All comes so spontaneous and I love her surealism a lot !
Inspired, I also took a dive into that pool on Flikr and submitted some pictures.
But I never can beat those shadows used in her work , in Inworldz I can not get them so I’m thinking to go back to SL for having them… (I have to try another solution yet before I return )
So I have a dilemma ! Do I start all over with a fictitious avatar name for my pictures ?
Make a blog for it etc… separate the pictures from making clothes ? On the other hand I do not like to say I’m AKA (also known as) lol.
The new name I have in mind  can be used in both worlds and wont be a Real Name…I’ll think about it some more before I jump to a decision.   I know, I go slow and always running late…

edit: this is a copy of a post on my other blog, meanwhile I have made up my mind to become also Pixi Late :)