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Making a picture isn’t just a snap !

In making a composition there is a lot of work involved. For the Single Frame Stories we get a prompt each week, my brain starts thinking how to visualize it.
This process may take some time or sometimes I just get it in a second, it depends on the word and the mood I’m in. Or when reading a quote (love them) I see already a pictures in my head. Now it is time to set up the scene with attributes such as my avatar, accessories, clothing, textures and an animation. But before the real picture can be taken there are a lot of programs used ! I know you can go and buy the accessories you need in Virtual Worlds but I love to make them myself and learning to use the programs:-)

-Blender to make the attribute
-QAvimator for the animation
-A Virtual World to take a basic picture
-Photoshop to complete with brushes etc…
– searching for the appropriate words

This was used for the prompt ‘Edge’
Making a picture isn t just a snap

                                              As you can see its not all done in one snap :-)


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