Single Frame Stories ‘watch’

For the single frame stories.

I’m on Holliday and made it on my laptop.

Single frame stories watch

It looks a little different…




(text from the Inworldz Forum posted by Jeri Rahja)

ELYSIUM – THE UTOPIA OF THE AFTERLIFE? Is the Artistic interpretation of the artists view of afterlife. Is it heaven, hell, limbo, predatory or just a void. Come see how it is interpreted by some of the best artists within the virtual world. Feel and experience the emotion and the complexity of the entire environment. The Elysium Art Fest runs from March 22 through April 5th, hope to see you there. The Elysium Art Fest is located on 3 sims :Collaborations, Dreamz N Visionz IV,Dreamz&Visionz


For this Art Fest I was eager to participate because the theme was very appealing…Do love Angels and there are beautiful contributions of many artists !  Surprised to see so much imagination about Afterlife ! Its almost better than this Life , RL or whatever :-) I will go back to make some pictures and maybe if all goes well even a machinema.  For now I’ll post only a general view of my contribution (looks small but it isn’t). Its called ‘A gleam of Heaven’ , words coming from the Poet Pindar, but you can read more in a next post …

victory by exer…

victory by exerting

Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; while others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than before.

Loving Angels instead

I’m loving Angels ! Whoever invented them, did a great job :-)  At the Dreamz&Visionz Art Fest at Inworldz, there will be an Exhibition starting 22nd of March till 5th of April.

Its about the Elysium with the question ‘ The Utopia of the Afterlife ?’ I’m very happy having the opportunity to be part of it. Later I will post more pictures of this…

For now I just played with my Angels :-)


 Song ‘Angels’ by Robby Williams

I sit and wait
does an angel contemplate my fate
and do they know
the places where we go
when we´re grey and old
´cos I´ve been told
that salvation lets their wings unfold
so when I’m lying in my bed
thoughts running through my head
and I feel that love is dead
I’m loving angels instead …

Single Frame Stories ‘Blur’

This single frame story came by accident , I  had a whole other concept in mind.  It was to complicated to realise in one picture and I’m not so good at it. As I’m learning to play with shadows and settings (all new to me), I wondered why the shadows are so blurred. In this Foggy  sky setting, the scene looked weird. Played in Photoshop to add some more accents but hm…  not so pleased with it…  but maybe I’ll make another one :-)Blur color

 A blurred future ? or just a bad day ?