Single Frame Stories ‘Identity’

The next 3 weeks Single Frame Stories will work towards the 10th Birthday of Second Life. They will exhibit inworld with the prompts the coming weeks.

It is Whiskey Monday who will build this exhibit for us as she co-leads the Single Frame Stories,  for more info please read the blog .

I’m not that much in SL but I couldn’t resist the challenge… Maybe it is a good opportunity to give more importance to my avie Pixi Late in SL… for she is stalled there with no Identity  …

I need to fix that…but as I said before I’m sort of consistant and don’t want to change like a rooster on a church tower.

A side reflection , I admire people who can manage many avatars… remembering what they did and said…  for me,   ‘I would fall through the basket’ as we have an expression in my language, meaning (if trusting Google Translation) : own up , when I did a blunder, I’m a bad liar :-) I prefer to stay myself, many roles would only give me a DID making a lot of confusion in my head with mixing my Identity ! And like Whiskey named her contribution ‘I Am Who I Am’ …idem dito !

SL10B Identity


Voting results for the 2nd Express Yourself Art Fest

Winners 2nd Express yourself art fest

The Winners of the 2nd Annual Express Yourself art Fest are as follows:

Collaboration Sim

First Prize
Rig Torok – Through The Camera Lense

Second Prize
Eleseren Grey – The Babel –

Jazzie Duffy – Cuddle Seashells

Dreamz& Visionz Sim

There was a tie for first prize –

Violetta Biziou – My little Bubble
Bad Bob – Over Engineering

Second Prize
Praline Brajowski – Shadows & Light

Mac Zemoinaba – Day At the Beach



First Prize
Maxilillain Svarovski – Just me

Second Prize
Cloee Heslop – SOS – Save Our Skin –

Phil Simmons – Black Hole Expedition –

People’s Choice
Emile Seda – Framed Palatia Dove

Due to script failure  for Fancy Free she gets also a People’s Choice award :

Fancy Free – Fancy’s Floral Fancy –

source : Inworldz Forum Text from Jeri Rahja

(some random images I had taken earlier)

Collaboration Sim 1st price Rig Torok2

Rig Torok

Eleseren Grey

Eleseren Grey

Maximilian Sarovski1

Maximillian Svarovski

Praline Barjowski

Praline Barjovski

Nickola Martynov1

Nickola Martynov

Nickola Martynov2

Nickola Martynov  (inside the contruction )

quadrapop tree

quadrapop Tree


Ole Huss

Mira Karu

Mira Karu

Single Frame Stories ‘Invisible’

‘almost’ invisible

Single Frame Stories  almost invisible

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour…

…Every Tear from Every Eye
Becomes a Babe in Eternity;
This is caught by Females bright
And return’d to its own delight.

William Blake


Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?first shot with mirror water settings 1680 1000

I’m so happy to find wonderful stuff from bloggers, people gifted with more brains and willing to share. I just discovered on the blog of Strawberry Singh and on the blog of Zonja Capalini how to make my own water preset and reflections, love it !  More to learn about Windlight settings… Thank you Lady’s you are the fairest :-)