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Voting results for the 2nd Express Yourself Art Fest

Winners 2nd Express yourself art fest

The Winners of the 2nd Annual Express Yourself art Fest are as follows:

Collaboration Sim

First Prize
Rig Torok – Through The Camera Lense

Second Prize
Eleseren Grey – The Babel –

Jazzie Duffy – Cuddle Seashells

Dreamz& Visionz Sim

There was a tie for first prize –

Violetta Biziou – My little Bubble
Bad Bob – Over Engineering

Second Prize
Praline Brajowski – Shadows & Light

Mac Zemoinaba – Day At the Beach



First Prize
Maxilillain Svarovski – Just me

Second Prize
Cloee Heslop – SOS – Save Our Skin –

Phil Simmons – Black Hole Expedition –

People’s Choice
Emile Seda – Framed Palatia Dove

Due to script failure  for Fancy Free she gets also a People’s Choice award :

Fancy Free – Fancy’s Floral Fancy –

source : Inworldz Forum Text from Jeri Rahja

(some random images I had taken earlier)

Collaboration Sim 1st price Rig Torok2

Rig Torok

Eleseren Grey

Eleseren Grey

Maximilian Sarovski1

Maximillian Svarovski

Praline Barjowski

Praline Barjovski

Nickola Martynov1

Nickola Martynov

Nickola Martynov2

Nickola Martynov  (inside the contruction )

quadrapop tree

quadrapop Tree


Ole Huss

Mira Karu

Mira Karu


One thought on “Voting results for the 2nd Express Yourself Art Fest

  1. thank you for posting IWZ Dreamz & Visionz 2nd Annual Express Yourself Art Fest winners and thank you for attending – we had a record attendance – and were very excited, By the end of summer most of the art wil be moved to our Gallery area – which is 4 sims and 2 scenics in size the main sim is Gypsy Moon – so those that missed will be able able to see the majority of the art once again. Jeri Rahja – co-owner of IWZ Dreamz & Visionz Art Fest

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