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Single Frame Stories ‘Identity’

The next 3 weeks Single Frame Stories will work towards the 10th Birthday of Second Life. They will exhibit inworld with the prompts the coming weeks.

It is Whiskey Monday who will build this exhibit for us as she co-leads the Single Frame Stories,  for more info please read the blog .

I’m not that much in SL but I couldn’t resist the challenge… Maybe it is a good opportunity to give more importance to my avie Pixi Late in SL… for she is stalled there with no Identity  …

I need to fix that…but as I said before I’m sort of consistant and don’t want to change like a rooster on a church tower.

A side reflection , I admire people who can manage many avatars… remembering what they did and said…  for me,   ‘I would fall through the basket’ as we have an expression in my language, meaning (if trusting Google Translation) : own up , when I did a blunder, I’m a bad liar :-) I prefer to stay myself, many roles would only give me a DID making a lot of confusion in my head with mixing my Identity ! And like Whiskey named her contribution ‘I Am Who I Am’ …idem dito !

SL10B Identity


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