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Pictures of the Adult Hub Erotic Art Exhibit

I was speaking in previous post about the kind of lighting used to make some pictures. In Photographical jargon (language) I tried to implement the Clair-Obscur.

Or also in english  chiaroscuro :
1680–90;  < Italian,  equivalent to chiaro  bright (< Latin clārus ) + oscuro  dark (< Latin obscūrus ). See clear, obscure
the distribution of light and shade in a picture.
Painting. the use of deep variations in and subtle gradations of light and shade, especially to enhance the delineation of character and for general dramatic effect:

Rembrandt is a master of chiaroscuro.

Im not holding a lecture about lighting but it is a vital ingredient to compose a photo, to express more then what the eye sees, but adding some magic. Virtual Worlds are perfect to shape what you had envisioned a splendid medium far beyond  reality, but for this exhibition/photos I tried to come as close to reality as possible. Enough talk for now :-)




Erotic Art picture5 the artistic distribution of light and dark masses in a picture


more to come…



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