Most appreciated works at the T&T Art Fest

Quandrapop wrote :

The most recognised and responded to works were by rig torok, Tiana Genesis, ilianor illios & Kasha Selona. The feedback we were able to pass on anonymously to the artists is as valuable, if not more so, than the awards money. As Art Festival said at the closing ceremony “responses feed the soul and encourage the artist to keep working on their journey of discovery” and that is what this world is all about.

I wonder if  people (or even only one) fed my soul by a comment on my work, till now I didn’t get any response or notecard, the people I had contact with during the Art Fest liked my work, bizar that no one gave me credit on a notecard to the organizers…well… never mind I’ll do my thing anyway and move on :-)

But this gives me food for thought, as InWorldz is a US enterprise and all the events are done on hours when I’m sleeping or late at night, I’m sort of in my corner and exlcuded from a lot of conversations and party’s. So working on my popularity or ‘showing up performance’ is missing ! Is talk and socializing ‘promoting’ ?  Is that the key to succes or appreciation for an Art work?,  is it all in the words ?… is the person/avatar more important then the Art work itself ?  I know know, today’s hype is communication, screaming for attention,  LOOK at me, READ me. But this is not what I’m doing, in fact I’m not social at all !  For Art I guess am more a Van Ghogh type maybe, (not a comparision art wise but in character), struggling in my corner…never giving up, full of idea’s and mostly not recognised…

but no worries, I will keep my ears :-)

rig torok

Tiana Genesis

ilianor illios

Kasha Selona


Angels Hope

This weekend will be the last one for the Twist&Torch Art Fest !

Angels Hope

Giving Faith to the faithless,

Hope to the hopeless and

Love to the unloved,

Making a difference in the world one day at a time.

United Angels of Hope is here to change lives;

to bring love,

hope and smiles to faces

that have been overcome with the stresses of this world.

A nice You tube video about Angels:-)

Angels of Hope Snapshot_002 (1024x604)

Midday Snapshot_001 (1024x604)

Mira Twist&torch2013Midnight Snapshot_002 (1024x604)

This weekend I’ll post pictures of other Artist of the Fest

Rig Torok has a nice blog and makes wonderful pictures, worth a visit !

Opening today of Twist&Torch Art Fest

Text posted by quadrapop on the Inworldz Forum :

The Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival season for 2013-14 starts Friday 13th – Sunday 22nd September with Twist N Torch Art Festival where creative types show off what can be done with humble regular prims & a bit of imagination.

Nickola Martynov and quadrapop Tree are co-chairing the festival.

The Festival Sims (Dreamz N Visionz IV, Collaborations & Dreamz&Visionz) have been landscaped by Nickola Martynov and the artists are filling their plots with builds being finalised by midnight 12th September.

We are trialling something new with this Art Festival. There will be no Judges appointed & no People’s Choice. However, there will be Art Festival Tip Jars at every entry, all tips going into a pool from which participation awards will be drawn. If a work moves you greatly, for whatever reason, please send Art Festival (the Dreamz & Visionz money bag account) a NC including the artist name & WHY the work deserves recognition.

My contribution is called  ‘Angels Hope’ :-) why ? I do love Angels ,not that I’m a religeous person…but maybe I’m attracted to the Airiness  of it.

picture in next post…

Angels Hope



New season for the Dreamsz&Visionz Art Fest

Today we got our plot assigments for the Art fest ! Placements can begin…

I’m looking forward to this Twist&Torch Art Exhibit…my contribution is called ‘Angels Hope’, of course I couldn’t resist to my Angels, I really do love them :-)

It will run from the 13th till 22nd of september 2013

Snapshot_001      Art always begins with a white canvas …


Walking on a thin line !

What’s the difference between a lie and fooling someone ?

What is a word ? hm, letters put in a peticular order. What do they mean ?
If you are chatting or reading, you miss a lot of other things like tonality, face expression, attitude etc.
If someone is lying in your face you can sometimes feel it if the person stands in front of you.
Sometimes you get lies for your bestwill, hide the truth for not hurting your feelings, or frazing words in another way not to upset you etc…
There are many sort of lies.

I have deleted the next lines of this post because my new friend and I tallked about some misunderstandings, I do apologize !

But what about fooling someone ?