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Opening today of Twist&Torch Art Fest

Text posted by quadrapop on the Inworldz Forum :

The Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival season for 2013-14 starts Friday 13th – Sunday 22nd September with Twist N Torch Art Festival where creative types show off what can be done with humble regular prims & a bit of imagination.

Nickola Martynov and quadrapop Tree are co-chairing the festival.

The Festival Sims (Dreamz N Visionz IV, Collaborations & Dreamz&Visionz) have been landscaped by Nickola Martynov and the artists are filling their plots with builds being finalised by midnight 12th September.

We are trialling something new with this Art Festival. There will be no Judges appointed & no People’s Choice. However, there will be Art Festival Tip Jars at every entry, all tips going into a pool from which participation awards will be drawn. If a work moves you greatly, for whatever reason, please send Art Festival (the Dreamz & Visionz money bag account) a NC including the artist name & WHY the work deserves recognition.

My contribution is called  ‘Angels Hope’ :-) why ? I do love Angels ,not that I’m a religeous person…but maybe I’m attracted to the Airiness  of it.

picture in next post…

Angels Hope




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