Outfits made for the Avant-Garde Fashion Show

Some pictures of my creations for the Avant-Garde show last saturday…

The show always uses a 4 liner description to present the outfit, but I’m not commercial inclined, so I don’t do liners like :’ This is a beautiful gown made in heaven, it will lift you in all its glory, comes in many layers, you can find it at… etc ….. I rather dwell on my text  (I can because its mine lol) trying to make a poëtical rhyme, not that good quality but like doing it…:-)

Winkelfoto Avant-Garde Chess

Lets play Chess

For chess is but a game of life and I am your Loving Queen
I make this pledge to you alone,that I shall serve your royal throne
Neither Queen shall ever yield, for I’m unique and never seen
Chess is but a game my King, I’m playing to the bone !

Winkelfoto Avant-Garde Bird

Nest that loving skill has made, soon to fly Inworld.
Extravagant, Avant-Garde, walking the cage, protecting the egg
Example of pushing boundaries, crazy and behind absurd
Don’t be afraid to be Apart, be you, be Art, I beg !


Winkelfoto Avant-Garde Skeleton


Cracking, clacking, swaying, now you see me, or maybe not
Gone in a day, back in a few, not forever staying
Crude hearts do steal, your love, the life you got
But don’t be afraid of Skeleton, she is only playing!

Winkelfoto Avant-Garde SpiralSpiral

Spiral of life, cycle of circles, twirling around you
It comes in Black and Red with roses always fresh
Spirals are never ending nor do they have a begin
Put on your  hat, walk, play, dare to wear !


Lets play chess Fashion Catwalk

-LETS PLAY CHESS FASHION SHOW-|Please join us on 10-26 @ 2:00 PM IWT for the.-LETS PLAY CHESS-Fashion Show sponsored by Maximillian Svarovski of Svarovski Design. Presented by InStylez Modeling Agency at a cutting edge venue, built by Svarovski Design. Featuring some unique fashions by Couture Chapeau/ Mad About Hats, Epique, Helioscope and M!RAMODE. Don’t miss out on IW first show of this style concept. DJ Cha will put you in checkmate with his music. Your next move is attached. Warm Regards Dazzeray Snowpaw InStylez Modeling Agency

Avant Garde Fashion show catwalk set_001

All is set ready to go, as I read it, it will be a new style concept… more info needed :-)



‘Avant-Garde’ when Art meets Fashion


The term Avant-Garde refers to a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

As a clothes designer for virtual worlds, I got an invitation from the InStylez Modeling Agency of InWorldz to make some outfits for their upcoming Fashion Show on the 26th of October.

All will be in black/white and/or a glimpse of red. I made 4 outfits in Avant-Garde Style and as it is not a regular Clothing Design but more like an Art Piece, I thought it would also fit on this blog :-)

As example I got this link to what was intended for the Style Designs


more info and pictures of my creations for the show to come…

Opening of the ‘Canvassing the Imagination’

Yesterday was the opening day of the Art Fest !

The  pavilions are made by Maximillian Svarovski, a very skilled builder and artist, it gives the Exhibit Space a nice dreamy feeling !

The only negative point (for me) is the size of the Artist name on the display  and also the small size of the artworks themselves, it needs a lot of ‘zooming in’ to see it in full glory !

( it is made on the avatar size , and much smaller then we are used to)

But beside that I  had a great time visiting 8 pavillions with about 40 participants.

Canvassing the Imagination

Canvassing the Imagination2


Canvassing the Imagination D&V next Art exhibit

Jeri Rahja :

3rd Annual Canvassing The Imagination Art Fest  Sponsored by IWZ Dreamz & Visionz Art Fest

This festival will feature original 2-D art work, including photography. You must be the creator of the work in both Real Life and InWorldz, and the work must be intended as art rather than just a texture.


Canvassing the Imagination D&V art Fest

I will skip this exhibit because lack of time… but I’ll keep you posted !  :-)