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Outfits made for the Avant-Garde Fashion Show

Some pictures of my creations for the Avant-Garde show last saturday…

The show always uses a 4 liner description to present the outfit, but I’m not commercial inclined, so I don’t do liners like :’ This is a beautiful gown made in heaven, it will lift you in all its glory, comes in many layers, you can find it at… etc ….. I rather dwell on my text  (I can because its mine lol) trying to make a poëtical rhyme, not that good quality but like doing it…:-)

Winkelfoto Avant-Garde Chess

Lets play Chess

For chess is but a game of life and I am your Loving Queen
I make this pledge to you alone,that I shall serve your royal throne
Neither Queen shall ever yield, for I’m unique and never seen
Chess is but a game my King, I’m playing to the bone !

Winkelfoto Avant-Garde Bird

Nest that loving skill has made, soon to fly Inworld.
Extravagant, Avant-Garde, walking the cage, protecting the egg
Example of pushing boundaries, crazy and behind absurd
Don’t be afraid to be Apart, be you, be Art, I beg !


Winkelfoto Avant-Garde Skeleton


Cracking, clacking, swaying, now you see me, or maybe not
Gone in a day, back in a few, not forever staying
Crude hearts do steal, your love, the life you got
But don’t be afraid of Skeleton, she is only playing!

Winkelfoto Avant-Garde SpiralSpiral

Spiral of life, cycle of circles, twirling around you
It comes in Black and Red with roses always fresh
Spirals are never ending nor do they have a begin
Put on your  hat, walk, play, dare to wear !


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