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Wings Fantasy D&V Art Festival


quadrapop tree one of the organizers of the D&V Art Fests wrote :

Let your imagination fly free and create a work around the theme of wings or flying or anything to do with the sky.

quadrapop will also give some classes :

The first of the 3 workshops held by quadrapop in relation to the Wings Fantasy Art Festival will be on taking inworld snapshots – how to play with windlight sky & water settings, and the ins and outs of the snapshot window.

Ever wanted to know how to make your snaps look like those ones you see on Koinup, Flickr & FB?

While many of those are reworked after the fact in Photoshop or GIMP they usually have used windlight to get half way there – and now you will learn the basics of using windlight to do the same.


quadrapop will give a talk on the following and then you will get to have a play and share your results with the group for some feedback and ideas:

1. basic photo composition (rule of thirds and when to break it)
2. Camera controls in IW client and how to get control of your point of view.
3. where to find the basic windlight settings – for both water and sky
(many are preloaded into the IW client but if you are using one of the other TPVs and have only a short list of sky presets try going here and following instructions on how to DL and activate the settings)
4. how to share those settings across all your SL, IW and TPV clients
5. how to make and save a new setting
6. spot lighting – when to use it and when to leave it in your inv
7. why I never use a photo booth and when it would be good to use one
8. saving your work – file formats and sizes and where to upload or share.
9. and then a brief run down of the major settings in windlight window.
(some discussion may be allowed during this period depending on numbers, skill level and how quickly we are getting through the material)

Then you will have a period to take some experimental snapshots before we share them all and have a short feedback session.

This class will held at 3pm IWT Saturday 1 February 2014 and be about 2 hours long so bring a drink & a snack and make sure the family is watching a 3 hour movie…. (as you can see we will cover a lot!) however, you will go away with a good basic grounding in taking stunning IW pics without any PS or post processing skills needed.

The class will be held on Dreamz & Visionz sim and also on Dreamz&Visionz II sim (where you will be taken to see a single build photographed in several 100 different windlight settings).

This will be a great opportunity to learn more about taking pictures and some advanced settings ! I feel sad I can not attend as it is past midnight for me :-(

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