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D&V Wings Art Fest (my contribution)

This week the Dreamz&Visionz Art Fest ‘Wings’ will open. Most of the works are already set up . So is mine, time to reveal it on my blog. Maybe I should name it or give an explanation to clarify the work but I wonder if I should. Afterall, everyone will have his/her own interpretation and fantasy when looking at it. Some blogged about it already and it is nice to know their comment, you can read HERE

I took some pictures in my atelier/workshop  and also on the Art SIM, playing with the Windlight settings thinking what would be left of the work if I took out the magic of colours using ‘depth’ in the snapshop option, would fantasy or magic be gone ? Yes, I guess so, if you ‘think in depth’ you are left with only the essentials. Sometimes in life we need to do that :-)

Working in my Atelier

Wings Fantasy Art Fest vision of something_001

Wings Fantasy Art Fest depth


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