Art parc at IW5

Some pictures of the Artist at the Artscape Parc Scenic 33 ( link needs a viewer installed already to go inworld-  LINK

InWorldz Artist are also celebrating the 5th Birthday…Alzarin Goldflake (800x425) Charles Hera_002 (800x425) illionor illios (800x425) Mathilde Vhargon_001 (800x425) Maximillian Svarovski_001 (800x425) Mira Karu Binary_001 (800x425) Moontan Valeeva_001 (800x425) Nickola Martynov_002 (800x425) Quadrapop tree_001 (800x425) Quadrapop tree_002 (800x425) Safar Fiertze_001 (800x425) Snapshot_010 (800x425) Snapshot_011 (800x425) Snapshot_012 (800x425) Teal Freenote_002 (800x425) Yichard Muni_002 (800x425)



Pigeonholing is any process that attempts to classify disparate entities into a small number of categories (usually, mutually exclusive ones).
Pigeonholing or labelling is often equivalent into the use of stereotypes and can suffer from the same problems as these activities.

Thinking out of the box can be difficult for some people. We like to label things to make it easier to categorize but mostly we are not able to understand what we are categorizing.
We are already programmed in early existance by common definitions by our parents, community, environment and or social status …

The society needs ‘Pigeon holes’ to keep track in this world to make a coherent existance.
Some people try to understand a pigeon hole if they are not familiar with it rather then just boxing… in this case its  Shibaru, BDSM, D/s , kinky, not Vanilla etc…

Snapshot_005 (800x425) Snapshot_006 (800x425)

What I just wanted to say with this project for the IW5 adult SIM : don’t put everything in a box but try to understand, think for yourself rather than taking the general view of stereotypes…
its also called ‘thinking out of the box’  if you do that you do not trample on the spot, but go forward  :-)

InWorldz is celebrating

This weekend the 16th of march, InWorldz is opening the celebration of its 5th Birthday ! A BIG event with many builders, art, contests , fun, party’s and many more things to discover !

If you always wondered what people do in Virtual Worlds this is the opportunity to come have a visit ! Snapshot_002 (1024x545)

 the art sim…more to come