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ABC Commitment to Blogging

A Activities
Yes indeed, a blog needs activities to stay alive and vivid

B Belief
Belief in yourself, don’t give up, belief that one day your writers-block will be over

C Commitment
Sure Commitment is the King Key to maintain a blog !

D Dedication
Also didication is from the same family

E Expansion
If you don’t keep the blog alive, there will be no expansion

F Friends
Yes you need ‘friends’, visitors to your blog, being seen and read is crucial

G Guarded
Maintenance of your blog needs also Commitment, dedication…

H Help
Sometimes you need help to improve your blog/layout and make it worthwhile

I Insight
The blogger needs some insight, must have a personality, must know what he/she is talking about

J Joy
If you submit to the previous points, blogging can be a joy

K Knowledge
Copying some other blogs to stuff yours is borrowing Knowledge of others

L Learning
Learn yourself, improve, explore, read

M Mind
Use your mind to form an opinion of your own

N Necessety
Sometimes the urge to blog is needed to express yourself

O Opinion
Your opion is your mind

P Planning
When exploring internet or RL things, keep your blog in mind and plan to write about it someday

Q Questioning
Ask yourself questions, you’ll be surprised about the answers

R Rigorous
Be severe on what you publish, be your best critic

S Social
Social behaviour is the big key these days, be kind to people

T Trust
Give people trust, don’t run over them

U Unique
We all like to be unique and in a way we are, but we are all humans

V Variety
Bring variety to your blog, try other subject even if you are not so confident, dare

W Writing
Yes writing should be of good quality … but it can be a pain…

X X-factor
Some people have the X-factor, whatever enterprise they undertake, they will succeed

Y Yearning
Make your readers yearn for more posts…

Z Zoetic
If you bring this alphabet in practice you will have a vital and lively blog!
But Helas… at the moment I miss a lot of letters …maybe some day I will have more to blog about :-)



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