Glyph Graves art project

FlameArtwork Ghost

Translations sim
Opens Saturday,
10 May,
1pm SLT

If you missed the opening…there will be another opportunity to speak to your Ghost from IW to SL and vice versa.
It’s time for selfcontemplation and to prepare a speach to yourself…
once upon a time (like in fairy tales)  I wrote ‘me and my little voice’ on my other blog :-)
YES  maybe I am a DID afterall :-)))

Message from Jeri Rahja :
May 17th 2PM SAVE THE DATE GHOST PARTY!!!|You met them, and you chatted with them now let’s party with Glyph Graves ghosts of “SL”. G-Winz will be on hand playing ghostly music !!! An event not to be missed – we will be in sync with Glyph Graves art project at LEA21 in SL – See you all there

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