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InWorldz Fright Fest 2014

Last Friday the Fright Fest Festival had its anual kick off !

Fright Fest 2014 sponsored by InWorldz Oct 17th – Oct 31st

go visit inworld

Many talented people took this big fest under their wings and created a wonderful VW !

Also the Art Departement got a lot of space and I was happy to build again :-)

Full Text you can find on the InWorldz Forum posted by EventsCoordinator InWorldz – aka EC (Eve 2)

List of the artists who have exhibits in our Fright Fest 2014 Dante’s Inferno sims:
(listed in alphabetical order by artist’s first name)

Caro Fayray – “Battle of Love”

mac Zeminob – “Temple of Greed”

Mira Karu – “Treachery”

Nickola Martynov – “Greed”

Nyx Breen – “Circle of Treachery”

quadrapop tree – “Render Lag Hell”

rig torok – Halloween Pictures

Teal Freenote –
“Growing Pains”
“How Dare You Dream”
“No Where To Turn”

Wolf Hartnell – “Aurora Flame”

Benski made a nice video :

I’ll post more info & pictures next time :-)


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