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Sendalonde Community Library opens book Exhibition

Text from Alexina Proctor on the forum :

The Library Board of Directors of the Sendalonde Community Library invites you to attend the Grand Opening of the Book Arts Exhibit.

When: Saturday, 8 November 2014, 12 noon IWT
Where: http://places.inworldz.com/Sendalonde/84/119/36
[Sendalonde region in Elf Clan.]
DJ: Astoria Luminos-in the Dance Pavilion

Artists who placed art work:

Alizarin Goldflake – Letting The Words Out
Mira Karu – Bygone
Ferrator Montoya – The Reader
Cataplexia Numbers – From the Art-Chives
Belavar Planiie – Tiny Island
KC Samuels – Take Me Away
Kasha Selona – Words
Miso Susanowa – The Halloween Tree
Rig Torok – The Book (2 photographs)
Quadrapop Tree – Oh No Not Again!
Mathilde Vhargon – Cloths of Heaven, Daggers in Men’s Smiles, Lost Leaf

The Board of Directors thanks everyone who submitted work to this exhibit. Miso Susanowa chaired and coordinated the exhibit.

Board: Alexina Proctor, Prax Maryjasz, Leanna Caerndow, Amvans Lapiz, Jillian2000 Quintessa, Miso Susanowa, Moontan Valeeva



more to come about my contribution and pictures of the artists…


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