IW Art of Love, some snapshots

I couldn’t capture all the builds yet so this is what I have.

Rig Torok our great photographer said :

I am also amazed at the hidden “art” found in all forms that surround the works of Art

That is so true, playing with the camera and windlight settings or diving into a build, gives you sometimes a pleasant surprise !

Upward isn’t up anymore and left and right are of no importance, just jump in it and it will emerge :-))

Caro Fayray_001 cat ewry_001 fuschia nightfire_001 Julia Hathor_001 Kaishun Osa_001 Katz Republic_001 Leanna Caerndow_001 Miso Susanowa_002 quandrapop tree_002Rhiannon Mc Kenna_001 Rogan Wishbringer_001 Snapshot_007 Teal freenote_001 Twinkletoes Fairport_003 Violetta Biziou_002 Wolf Hartnell_001

I have a Happy Anniversary today with WordPress :-)

2 years  of WordPress blog




IW Art Fest, my contribution

This theme was not so evident for me , it took some time to ‘ripe’… how do you express love ?  So  sorry I couldn’t come up with something better than hearts and a caroussel :-)  When you visit it would be good to set your sun setting to ‘night’ as there will be a red glow…

I do have a warm heart for IW, where I can spend my time to play around and giving me the opportunity to make what I had envisioned  in my imagination.

Also saw some very nice builds on the exhibit but also some not that much into the theme and also some not that much of Art. But who cares, we have a lot of people who were building and having fun !

And when is  it Art ? This is a difficult question (also debated in Real Life) and were is the line (in Virtual worlds) when it is just building with imagination, could this also be Art ?

So I have to think this over when the ICE projects start…so I want be disappointed if it is fun building but without the Art touch !

Do I sound to severe or maybe to quick to have any assumptions ? maybe …

for now, just jump on the merry go round…:-)


Working on my platformSnapshot_005

next post some pictures of other wonderful creations from exhibitors…

Introducing InWorldz ICE!

Last Night the IW Art Fest opened and Tranquillity (one of the founders of InWorldz) announced a new initiative !

Great news for all who have enough inspiration and artistic talent for building and making your imagination into 3D.

I really like this !

We are pleased to announce our very first endowment here at InWorldz it is going to be known as the InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment a/k/a ICE.
ICE is available to everyone whether you are a novice or an extremely developed virtual artist, creator or developer.

ICE is headed by Jeri Rahja with her panel of Ladyheart Muirin and Gerrard Winstanley.

ICE comprises 3 full sims and 2 scenic sims.

The 3 full sims will rotate every month – and once an artists turn comes up they have 45days to 2 months to get their art project up, after which their project will be up for 45 days – until the next artists will have their turn to place their art project up and so on.

With these 3 endowed sims we can showcase from 12 to 24 artists per year – it will depend on the amount of prims the artists may need and where on the sim where the artist will be building.

InWorldz is proud to encourage the growth and development of Virtual Arts with this endowment – and we encourage each and everyone of you to take advantage of the opportunity this presents.

InWorldz has evolved into an enchanting and beautiful world where everyone has revealed their amazing creative artistic side. We have certainly lived up to the Henri Matisse quote, “Creativity takes courage” for our art and creativity within InWorldz has conquered many boundaries.


Yes indeed “Creativity takes courage”,  some other quotes :

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.

Oscar Wilde

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.
Edgar Allan Poe