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IW Art Fest, my contribution

This theme was not so evident for me , it took some time to ‘ripe’… how do you express love ?  So  sorry I couldn’t come up with something better than hearts and a caroussel :-)  When you visit it would be good to set your sun setting to ‘night’ as there will be a red glow…

I do have a warm heart for IW, where I can spend my time to play around and giving me the opportunity to make what I had envisioned  in my imagination.

Also saw some very nice builds on the exhibit but also some not that much into the theme and also some not that much of Art. But who cares, we have a lot of people who were building and having fun !

And when is  it Art ? This is a difficult question (also debated in Real Life) and were is the line (in Virtual worlds) when it is just building with imagination, could this also be Art ?

So I have to think this over when the ICE projects start…so I want be disappointed if it is fun building but without the Art touch !

Do I sound to severe or maybe to quick to have any assumptions ? maybe …

for now, just jump on the merry go round…:-)


Working on my platformSnapshot_005

next post some pictures of other wonderful creations from exhibitors…


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