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IW Art of Love, some snapshots

I couldn’t capture all the builds yet so this is what I have.

Rig Torok our great photographer said :

I am also amazed at the hidden “art” found in all forms that surround the works of Art

That is so true, playing with the camera and windlight settings or diving into a build, gives you sometimes a pleasant surprise !

Upward isn’t up anymore and left and right are of no importance, just jump in it and it will emerge :-))

Caro Fayray_001 cat ewry_001 fuschia nightfire_001 Julia Hathor_001 Kaishun Osa_001 Katz Republic_001 Leanna Caerndow_001 Miso Susanowa_002 quandrapop tree_002Rhiannon Mc Kenna_001 Rogan Wishbringer_001 Snapshot_007 Teal freenote_001 Twinkletoes Fairport_003 Violetta Biziou_002 Wolf Hartnell_001

I have a Happy Anniversary today with WordPress :-)

2 years  of WordPress blog




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