IW6 – Celebrating 6 Years Of InWorldz!

My God !!!  Times fly, 6 years already :-)

The preparation work for the celebration is almost done and the SIMS are filled up with lovely content.

As usual there will be an Art Sims as well…but not so much respons of artists this time….

The theme for the celebration is ‘Then and Now’ yes, we pioneers remember the hickups, disappearing textures, or even parts of our avatar, unpredictable and without sorry, or we had lost some attachments, or we were naked without realizing it :-) and sometimes we had our ‘Technicolor moment’ , when textures collapsed and colors all messed up ! It was fun to take pictures of those weird things and I used them now in my art build  , called  ‘Make Over’  (more to come later)

Those days we had fun and were patiently waiting to be fixed again… once upon a time when one of the founders was laying on the bridge and keeping an eye on the family so  when a SIM went offline or crashed, we were all pilled up next to her lol, one day I was making some swimming pictures with an alt for a exhibit, my Male Alt landed naked next to her, oh oh my ! I blushed didn’t say a thing to her and went off as fast as I could…those were the days, my friend …:-) Nostalgia is the name !

no legs and technicolor dreams in the headThis could be a René Magritte painting… titled : These are legs !

EC wrote on the Forum :

This year we will be celebrating with entertainment beginning March 28th through April 2nd. After that we will have contests and other fun activities available throughout April and May. We will be sending more info on the contests so stay tuned for that information.

We will have our grand Birthday bash party on April 1st.

The areas will include 5 full sims, 8-13 water scenics, 17-20 scenics for builds. though some of the water sims and scenics will be vacant in order to help minimize lag.

We would like to focus on community and team builds this year. While we will accept individual submissions for builds we will give priority to collaborations and teams/communities.