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4th Annual Express Yourself ArtFest!

Yes!!! It is time for the Express Yourself Artfest – the fun artfest where you just be yourself and show us just who you are – and be a little wacky!!!

The 4th Annual Express Yourself Art Fest will run from May 2nd thru May 15th.
As always everyone is welcome, this is the artfest to show us who you are – as a creator /artists or a builder. Be WILD, BE CRAZY – let your creative freedom GO!!! – BUT most of all have lots of FUN!!!

quoted Jeri Rahja

2015 IWZ D&V EXPRESS YOURSELF ART FEST POSTER 5 FINAL -  JPGThis Art Fest is always fun and has a great succes !  For now there will be 38 artist displaying…the criteria : BE WILD, BE CRAZY…and in that perspectieve I really did my best… :-) more to come later….

My first involvement in the Art section was with the Express Yourself Exhibit in 2011. At that time a big questionmark for me… I was not sure what or if it was Art… But I discovered later by having fun in making things this was more important than the question :-).

Dreamz&Visionz Art Festival25


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