Golden Touch Theatre

InWorldz has a few performing company’s like the Golden Touch Theatre, bringing mostly dance shows !

It was the first time I attended one because it was early enought for me, about 8AM IWT last night.

The company did a great job and many raised and applauded for their fantastic work! Yes, I know how hard it is to make animations/dances, costumes, decor and scripting…but they do it with a lot of fun and companionship :-)

Golden Touch performance1  Golden Touch performance3 Golden Touch performance4 Golden Touch performance5 Golden Touch performance2Golden Touch performance6


Express yourself, not that easy !

Oh my !!! Even when I’m older and having much information on the internet now, wandering on peoples talent, only speaking of Virtual Art or Expression , I feel immerged in their world and thinking Oh my ! they make such wonderful things, even better than some Real Life exhibits ! Deep sign… I feel happy to be part of their world but at the same time feeling very insignificant and not so Artistic at all !
This is frustrating because I would love to Express more, but you also need the skills in Virtual Reality (internet) to make things happen.  I’ll try do my best but it never equals what I had in mind… It is like reading a book, you make your own scenary but when someone makes a movie of the book it is never THAT GOOD … it is not YOUR imagination…very ennoying !
I can’t draw properly and  having little computer skills and learning every day and that is what I like…only the progress is slow :-) but never giving up even if I try to do it over and over a dozen times !
So yes, sometimes I envy peoples ease to express themselves without any struggle :-) they just do it ! I am more of the hesitant type, thinking how to manage this ?, is this good enough ?
I hear you say, don’t do this, you are blocking yourself ! Be happy with what you can do… hm… but that is not me… sorry ! making it difficult for myself but at the same time I do learn and progress, but slowly.
Jealous ? NO , Frustrated ? YES ! Not enough brains ? YES ! Too old? YES !!!

but I keep trying, perseverance is the name and confidence will grow…NotasMy desperate chaotic notes :-)

If you love art and like to enter peoples world of Virtual imagination and talent ,  just take a look at the DRAX FILES in Second Life

Express Yourself Artfest 2015 Paper Mache

Carnival is an old tradition, for sure in Central Europe.
Each year we have a parade even in small towns with floats.

Sometimes political statements are made in a humorous way.
The figures are mostly made out of paper and glue, we call it Papier-Mâché,(French) or in English Paper Mache.

This project I had in mind for a long time already and now it was appropriate to make something with it.

Express yourself papier mache collage I love RL photography and made several pictures of the parades over the years, so I have a huge collection by now.
The most striking things about the floats are the (deformed) figures, the colors, the creativity and the humor.
For me they are very suited for this exhibit, crazy, wacky, overdone and expressive :-)

Express yourself papier mache filmMira Karu_003Do also teleport into the capsule for the exhibit
I hope you enjoy it !
Have fun:-)

Dreamz&Visionz Art II Adult-4th anual Express Yourself Artfest