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Express yourself, not that easy !

Oh my !!! Even when I’m older and having much information on the internet now, wandering on peoples talent, only speaking of Virtual Art or Expression , I feel immerged in their world and thinking Oh my ! they make such wonderful things, even better than some Real Life exhibits ! Deep sign… I feel happy to be part of their world but at the same time feeling very insignificant and not so Artistic at all !
This is frustrating because I would love to Express more, but you also need the skills in Virtual Reality (internet) to make things happen.  I’ll try do my best but it never equals what I had in mind… It is like reading a book, you make your own scenary but when someone makes a movie of the book it is never THAT GOOD … it is not YOUR imagination…very ennoying !
I can’t draw properly and  having little computer skills and learning every day and that is what I like…only the progress is slow :-) but never giving up even if I try to do it over and over a dozen times !
So yes, sometimes I envy peoples ease to express themselves without any struggle :-) they just do it ! I am more of the hesitant type, thinking how to manage this ?, is this good enough ?
I hear you say, don’t do this, you are blocking yourself ! Be happy with what you can do… hm… but that is not me… sorry ! making it difficult for myself but at the same time I do learn and progress, but slowly.
Jealous ? NO , Frustrated ? YES ! Not enough brains ? YES ! Too old? YES !!!

but I keep trying, perseverance is the name and confidence will grow…NotasMy desperate chaotic notes :-)

If you love art and like to enter peoples world of Virtual imagination and talent ,  just take a look at the DRAX FILES in Second Life


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