New Exhibit comming for the Community Library

The Community Library on Sendalonde is having an International Folklore Tales art exhibition.

It will open with a Warming Party on: Saturday, September 19, 12 noon – 2:00pm IWT
with the fabulous DJ G-Winz!

It will be up for approximately six months.

This theme opens a lot of opportunities, just dive into your childhood and remember the fairy or other tales you liked best.
I have a few, but will pick one that suits me better as an adult :-) used it in my group profile for serveral years…
Its more of a moral  type one, but are those fairy-tales not having them all ? Learn your children well ?
But now adays, most parents stick a tablet in their hands and on they surf on the internet or play games…no need or time for reading stories to them anymore…times change

more  Exhibits to come…

 four upcoming events_001