IWZ 6th Birthday Art impressions

I’m way far behind with my blogposts, sorry, (I honor my name :-)),  but before the new Exhibit comes along, I’ll like to finish this InWorldz 6th Birthday event with some pictures and what I had made for it…If this is correct all the artworks will stay at the sims till end of April, so if you missed it, just TP over and have fun !

I remember the funny pictures I took in the very beginning of InWorldz and the hic-ups we had, stored in my map ‘ weird things happening’. Playing with some pictures cutting them into pieces, putting on a rotating cube and voilà :-)  this was easy…

I called it “Make over with Idiomatic Style’ and ‘Idiomatic Technicolor Style’. Meaning of Idiomatic : ” appropriate to the style of art or music associated with a particular period, individual, or group”. Not to be confused with IDIOTIC !

Mira Karu_001 Mira Karu_003Mira Karu_002Caro Fayray_001 Caro Fayray_002 Mac Zemobia_001 Mac Zemobia_002  Misty Harly_001 Teal Freenote_001 Zarmina Naidu_001 Wolf Hartnell


IW Art Fest, my contribution

This theme was not so evident for me , it took some time to ‘ripe’… how do you express love ?  So  sorry I couldn’t come up with something better than hearts and a caroussel :-)  When you visit it would be good to set your sun setting to ‘night’ as there will be a red glow…

I do have a warm heart for IW, where I can spend my time to play around and giving me the opportunity to make what I had envisioned  in my imagination.

Also saw some very nice builds on the exhibit but also some not that much into the theme and also some not that much of Art. But who cares, we have a lot of people who were building and having fun !

And when is  it Art ? This is a difficult question (also debated in Real Life) and were is the line (in Virtual worlds) when it is just building with imagination, could this also be Art ?

So I have to think this over when the ICE projects start…so I want be disappointed if it is fun building but without the Art touch !

Do I sound to severe or maybe to quick to have any assumptions ? maybe …

for now, just jump on the merry go round…:-)


Working on my platformSnapshot_005

next post some pictures of other wonderful creations from exhibitors…

Hot off the press

A new Magazine also for InWorldz is born !

We welcome this initiatieve very much,  a new literary and art magazine, called Eidolon Quarterly.

The journal is produced 4 times a year and includes both virtual and real world focused art & reading.

For more info (click on the submission add at this wordpress blog to read more) :



I wish Europa Syra good luck and succes with this initiatieve !



Art Cram Party

Cram ? cramming …well this word sounded like Chinese to me so I had to swot up my slang :-)

but actually  cramming  fits me well… hm… a slang term for last-minute study as I’m always Late ……
Anyway, there will be a first Cram Party tonight 10th.
More info at the Forum :

If you can make it (unfortenately thats way out of my time zone) you can go dance, interact and even sweat but most of all enjoy the Arts by taking pictures and posting them on ratherbe !

I will visit later and looking forward to this :-)

I’d Rather Be#

InWorldz has another media/gadget added : a fun way to post your pictures when you feel you would rather be at InWorldz doing funny stuff !

One of the founders describes it like this :

When you’re stuck cleaning the house or sitting behind a desk working, http://ratherbe.inworldz.com will be the place for you to show the world that you’d rather be flying planes, driving cars, or shopping in your favorite virtual world. We’ll be promoting your posts to show the internet how much fun they could be having if they join you.

Many do post a picture and it is fun (I didn’t yet).

To promote Art at Inworldz, some people are organizing soon some ‘ Art Party’s , invite people to take pictures and post them at ratherbe.

A very good initiatieve , combining all the platforms to promote InWorldz ! So keeping  an eye on this world, especially for the Arts :-)





Art (In) World War ?

Normally I keep my thoughts to myself but this time I have a strange feeling about Arts at InWorldz.
There is a lot going on behind the scenes, ego’s colliding etc… but I keep away from dispute and drama…
I do not promote one over the other initiatives and try to be as independent as possible, but lately some go and other come…

The Dreamz and Visionz Art Exhibits came to a hold and frankly I was lost for months, this was a good rolling event each month with good themes.
Then we got a message they would pick up again and organize soon next year…    but don’t know more yet.

The sponsored SIMS by the founders of InWorldz will have now, after some pleads from the residents, Art Events too besides the benefits like Toys For Tots, Relay for Life, Frigh Fest and Winter Fest.
These new events will compensate for some losses and SIMS disappearing about Arts, as a matter of fact one important one will close after two years at the end of this month.

The first IW Exhibit will be held on :
February 1 through February 14th

The theme is as follows:
“The Love of IWZ Art ”

So Show Us Your Love Art – Style
(This theme will be organized by Jeri Rahja and Rhiannon McKenna together with Events Coördinator)


We creators will have a neutral space now (thanks  to the founders) and hopefully many artists will come back again, because sadly, many of them left or don’t participate anymore !

Call for Artists…

call for artists poster