IWZ 6th Birthday Art impressions

I’m way far behind with my blogposts, sorry, (I honor my name :-)),  but before the new Exhibit comes along, I’ll like to finish this InWorldz 6th Birthday event with some pictures and what I had made for it…If this is correct all the artworks will stay at the sims till end of April, so if you missed it, just TP over and have fun !

I remember the funny pictures I took in the very beginning of InWorldz and the hic-ups we had, stored in my map ‘ weird things happening’. Playing with some pictures cutting them into pieces, putting on a rotating cube and voilà :-)  this was easy…

I called it “Make over with Idiomatic Style’ and ‘Idiomatic Technicolor Style’. Meaning of Idiomatic : ” appropriate to the style of art or music associated with a particular period, individual, or group”. Not to be confused with IDIOTIC !

Mira Karu_001 Mira Karu_003Mira Karu_002Caro Fayray_001 Caro Fayray_002 Mac Zemobia_001 Mac Zemobia_002  Misty Harly_001 Teal Freenote_001 Zarmina Naidu_001 Wolf Hartnell